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Join our banner Taxi Central Beloeil and help the local taxi industry shine.



There are two options to join the Taxi Central Beloeil fleet: use your own vehicle or rent one from an owner.



Our cutting-edge technologies and support team are here to accompany you and ensure your ongoing safety and professional fulfillment.



Join the Taxelco community and make a difference by participating in an innovative ecological project that transforms the transportation of tomorrow.



Enjoy the freedom to manage your schedule as a self-employed worker.


What are the criteria for bringing my own vehicle to the Taxi Central Beloeil fleet?

Your vehicle must meet selected criteria and be in proper working condition. Contact us for an assessment and find out if your vehicle is eligible: [email protected].

What is Téo Partner?

Téo Taxi is a Taxelco banner. It is accessible in several formats, including Téo Partner.

The Téo Partner option is available to all drivers who have a 100% electric vehicle and do not wish to wrap it in the Téo colours. Instead, these vehicles sport a Taxi Central Beloeil dome on their roof, as well as a discreet “Téo Partner” sticker.

I am not a taxi driver. Can I become one?

Since October 10, 2020, industry rules and standards allow anyone to pursue this line of work. Whether it’s to change careers, benefit from a better work\life balance, or have more flexibility, the “new persona” has a million and one reasons to be interested in this industry.

You must have an authorized driver’s licence issued by the SAAQ. If you wish to use your own vehicle, you must also have an authorized vehicle licence from the same institution.

What are the criteria to obtain an authorized driver’s licence?
  • hold a class 5 (or higher) driver’s license and have at least 12 months of driving experience (excluding probationary licence driving experience)
  • understand, speak, and read French
  • provide a clean criminal record check. You must submit this form to your municipal police service or the Sûreté du Québec
  • complete the training courses required in the region you plan on working. For the Montreal area, you simply need to register for the 15-hour Transport rémunéré de personnes par automobile training session, available online
  • obtain an authorized driver’s license issued by the SAAQ
Following my vehicle’s appraisal and approval by Taxelco, how can I get said vehicle authorized at the SAAQ?

You must go to an SAAQ location and provide them with: 

What qualities do I need to enjoy this career?

Being a driver is more than just a job, it’s an enriching social experience. To fully appreciate the job, you must enjoy travelling in all kinds of conditions, interacting with people, and being organized and autonomous.

What kind of rides can I expect to handle?

The nature of the job can vary according to your ambitions and skills. Some drivers prefer taking on private contracts in the medical industry, others enjoy long-distance rides, while others opt for short, local rides. There’s something for everyone!

To learn more about joining the Taxi Central Beloeil fleet, fill in the request form and a member of our recruitment team will contact you.

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